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The Migration Department of Top.Host operates Monday to Friday 08:00 - 16:00 (local greek time) except for holidays.

During free migration, our team undertakes to transfer files, databases, and installed SSL certificates. Regarding the emails transfer, if you have limited access (not root or administrator rights), the transfer process cannot be done in an automated way, but only manually.

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After you submit the form, our Migration Department will inform you about the scheduling and the procedure of your website's migration to Top.Host.

For the proper migration of dynamic websites:

  • The server on which you will be transferred must have the same operating system (from Linux only to Linux / from Windows only to Windows) with the server of the previous hosting provider, but not necessarily the same version of the OS.
  • The versions of the databases and the script languages (e.g. PHP, .NET) must be the same.
  • The smooth collaboration of our migration specialists with the developer of the website is a necessary requirement. After the migration the developer should monitor and fix any problems that might occur during the process.