What is Web Presence Builder

Web Presence Builder is a web design service, which is provided with select hosting plans of Top.Host. With Web Presence Builder the user has the ability to build their site through a simplified and full GUI, manage the online presence in social media, build e-commerce services or a mobile version of the website, as well as monitor statistics.

Your site in 3 simple steps

Choose one of the
ready-made templates!
Editing with
numerous possibilities!
Publish the site on Web, Facebook & Mobile form!


Design tools...

that allow the editing of the site, adding content via drag-and-drop modules and easy adjustment in layouts, borders, sidebars, colours, fonts, backgrounds and images.

Over 100 Website Templates...

with pre-designed structure to add text and graphics. Select, edit, and publish!

Mobile responsiveness...

of the site constructed via the Web Presence Builder, to be compatible with mobile and tablet devices.


that you can upload in flash or image format and then edit it as to size and alignment.
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Site editing


Horizontal search bar that helps users find something on your site. The Google search bar is provided by default, but you can replace it with a different service by incorporating the respective code.


Ability to add a header, which can include text, title, subtitle, logo and flash files.

Embedding video

Embedding video hosted on popular services such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.


Ability to add a dynamic route with links that show the path of each page.

Shopping cart

Ecwid shopping cart that can be added after the activation of the module for the online store.

Social networking

ShareThis bar that offers visitors the opportunity to share the content of your site on hundreds of social networks, like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Content & images

Add and edit text, images, tables, hyperlinks, and flash files.

Site navigation

Insert navigation menu and adjust how it will appear when the links are active, before they are visited by someone and during the mouse-over.

Photo gallery

Show a collection of photos hosted on your Google Picasa or your site and edit the name and description.


Easily add a blog to your site to add and edit your posts.


Activate the embedded module for the Disqus platform on any page of your site allowing visitors to leave their comments. You can manage the comments, while registration on the platform is free.

Online ads

A place in which you can place online ads from services like Google AdSense.