Transfer & Win

Our Migration Specialists will transfer your site from your previous hosting provider to Top.Host, free of charge and without any downtime.

Free Hosting up to 6 months

Free hosting up to 6 months

Our Transfer & Win service will add to your new Top.Host plan up to 6 months free hosting.

Free migration of your site

The migration of your site will be conducted exclusively by our trained team, immediately and free of charge.

Migration Specialist

Our trained technicians will undertake the migration of your site and will be available throughout the procedure to answer all of your questions about it.

Migration without any downtime

Your site will be accessible by you and your visitors during the migration. The procedure will be completed without any downtime.

Migration from any CP

We migrate your site to Top.Host, no matter which control panel you use (cPanel, Plesk, Direct Admin etc.)

Migration of any CMS & Custom Apps

Your site can be migrated without any problem to Top.Host regardless of the CMS you use, or if it contains Custom PHP/MySQL applications.

Preview & Approval by you

After the migration you can check that your site has been transferred properly to our servers, before the procedure is completed.

Post migration Support

The award-winning Support of Top.Host stands by you during the migration and after the transfer is completed, 24 hours a day.

Free migration by a Migration Specialist

Katerina Tzortzakaki
The migration of your site is a very simple procedure. After you submit the migration form, Katerina, our trained Migration Specialist, will undertake free of charge the immediate, secure migration of all your files, databases and installed SSL certificates to Top.Host, and she will make sure that your site functions normally during the procedure.

Migrate your site today and enjoy the innovative services and award-winning Support of Top.Host.