What   is the McAfee Secure certification?
The McAfee Secure certification is provided to a site after having passed rigorous daily network security audits. The certification process is completed in six steps. The first three steps consist of Dynamic Port Scanning, Port-level Network Services Vulnerability Testing and Web Application Vulnerability Testing. The fourth and fifth step consist of the updates that are sent upon detection of security problems and the restoration management of these problems. The result is to have a dynamic secure website.
What does the McAfee Secure certification mean for the customers of Top.Host?
Sites that are certified by McAfee Secure logo follow all the latest online security standards. The web application of Top.Host, the web server, the routers and firewall are checked daily so that our visitors can be sure that they are in a secure environment.
So far ScanAlert has performed over 20 million tests. Over 80,000 websites are based on the daily checks of ScanAlert for protection from hackers. The use of patented technology provides guaranteed results for the search, identification and management of security issues.
Top.Host is scanned daily by ScanAlert, so that it can be certified that our website meets the highest security standards. In order for Top.Host to maintain the certification of HackerSafe, our website passes over 1,500 different daily checks of all known methods and tricks used by hackers to enter a website. Audit results must show that the site has no security gaps and that the sysadmins fix any problems found within 72 hours.
The McAfee Secure logo appears on the first page of Top.Host. If any security issue is detected the logo is not displayed.