Plesk Obsidian

The Plesk Platform is a GUI for managing your hosting services and you can get it for free with all Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and DNS hosting plans. Manage your services easily and quickly through a beautiful, secure and functional web interface!


Usability: Obsidian’s new look and feel is the most professional yet for users, admins and resellers, thus streamlining the Web Project Lifecycle. Comfortably manage websites from one screen with our revised Website Overview. Enjoy better File Manager UX, and advanced, personalized HTML notifications, keeping you in control – even when logged off.
Security: Obsidian is more robust, hence effective at avoiding outages and revenue loss. Mod Security & Fail2ban secure by default with 3rd-party extensions available, but now server security is broader with SSL it! and all its capabilities. SNI for Mail Services ensures your conversations stay private on SMTP, IMAP & POP connections.
Productivity: Get a ready-to-code platform and optimized Webstack full of deployment tools you’ll love like Git, Redis, Memcached, Node.js and optimized Docker services. You’ll stay productive as crashed systems restart automatically, and SEO-friendly with automatic HTTP>HTTPS redirects for new sites.
Control: All features are more useful and faster-out-the-box, including new Advanced Monitoring & Grafana extensions. The new Restricted Mode lets you control which server-side operations Plesk admins can perform. Plus, admins, resellers, and users can easily move domains between subscriptions both via Obsidian’s interface and CLI.

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