SSL Certificates

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SSL Certificate Categories

DV certification ensures that, during the period that the SSL is activated, the exchange of information with this domain will be encrypted and secure. Provides certification at a basic level and to issue it, it requires only the certification of the domain name on which it is to be installed. The main advantage is its immediate activation, as it is activated within a few minutes. The only action required is a simple click on the approval email sent by the issuing authority, to the address of the domain owner.

The OV certification guarantees high level security during the exchange of information with the domain on which is activatesd. To issue an OV SSL, the certification of domain name owner and the company/organization that acts behind it, is required. The SSL is activated within 1-2 days from its order, after the company name and address is certified. For the successful completion of the process, the necessary information for the validation are received from bank or local government sources.

SAN SSL Certificates

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The EV certification guarantees the highest level of security, that a website can provide its users. The process of issuing an EV SSL requires the successful approval of 7 levels of certification that concern the exclusive ownership of the domain name, the validation of the headquarters, the natural and legal entity, its operation, the validation that the organization has actually itself for the SSL, as well as the natural and legal entity of its legal representative. The activation is completed within 10 days, as it includes the gradual certification and approval of a list of documents. One the EV SSLs the address bar on the browser is green and confirms to the user that the company behind the website, in which they realise transactions, is certified according to strict standards.

SAN SSL Certificates

Do you want to protect more domain names? Choose the SAN SSL that better suits your needs!

How does an SSL work?

Establishment of a secure SSL connection

Monitoring of the SSL certificate

The SSL is checked for:


having been issued by a reliable authoritity

a unique session key for this particular connection

Finally, the server decodes the session key, using its private key and establishes a secure connection.

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