Colocation Hosting

Do you own privately held servers that you wish to host in a state-of-the-art environment? Top.Host offers you this possibility through specialized Colocation services, that will help you focus on what matters to you the most:
the strategy & growth of your business!

1U Colocation

1U rack space
150 Watt
1GBps port
Unmetered traffic
1 IPv4 GR-IX


Setup €110.00

2U Colocation

2U rack space
220 Watt
1GBps port
Unmetered traffic
1 IPv4 GR-IX


Setup €120.00

4U Colocation

4U rack space
300 Watt
1GBps port
Unmetered traffic
1 IPv4 GR-IX


Setup €130.00

V.A.T. not included.

Custom Colocation Solutions
Does your privately owned equipment need more rack space or more power consumption? Let us know what your requirements are and we will customise a Colocation plan that will meet your specific needs.

Why choose Colocation from Top.Host

Simple & direct process

Send your equipment to the data center and Top.Host will have it installed and connected in collaboration with the data center’s certified technicians.

Uninterrupted operation

Top.Host collaborates with a data center that ensures maximum availability of your servers. This can be achieved thanks to the data center’s 2N redundant power supply and its N+1 redundant cooling systems.


Your equipment is of maximum importance and with Top.Host’s Colocation solutions it will be secure. Qualified technicians take care of its physical and digital security, 24/7.


In case your server comes with KVM built-in, we provide you with a VPN network that will allow you to connect and manage your server whenever you wish.

Unmetered Traffic

No limitations are set on the number of data transmitted through your server. We literally offer you Unmetered Traffic!

10Gbps Network

Use Colocation solutions by Top.Host and benefit from all the advantages that its unique 10Gbps network speed has to offer.

What to consider before choosing a Colocation plan

Power consumption

Before picking a Colocation plan, you should know how much power your server consumes, based on your current usage. In case you are not aware of the size of this metric, let us know what the model of your server is and what software it runs, in order to make the estimation for you.

Privately owned rails

For your server’s installation on our racks, it is necessary that you own the suitable rails and send them to the data center along with your server. The wiring needed for the server’s connection and power supply are provided by Top.Host.

Front-to-back Airflow

It is necessary that the power supply and the network connectivity ports are placed on the back of your equipment.

Dual power supply

It is not necessary, but it is suggested that your server comes with dual power supply. In that way your server will keep functioning in the event of a PSU failure or a scheduled power outage.

Is Colocation the solution you needed?


What is Colocation and when should I choose it?

Colocation Hosting services offer a secure environment for privately owned hardware (such as servers or network appliances) in a modern data center infrastructure. This happens by renting out physical rack space, but also a number of services that include power supply and network.

It is the ideal solution for companies that host their servers on their premises and realise at some point, that their needs for availability, security and performance are highly increased. And while there is the alternative of setting up an in-house infrastructure for the servers’ appropriate operation, its management and maintenance could prove extremely expensive.

Colocation offers the solution to exactly this problem. The company is relieved of the burden of maintaining infrastructure and can invest on its strategic growth.

So, does your business run privately-owned equipment with high demands on power supply, traffic and network speed from its establishment? Then Colocation is ideal for you, in order to be hosted in a high-tech environment without expenses on infrastructure.

In which data center will my server be hosted?

Your server will be hosted in the state-of-the-art data center of Lamda Hellix, in Athens. It is one of the biggest and reliable data centers in Greece with which Top.Host has built a dynamic collaboration.

The data center provides redundant cooling and power systems and a personnel of certified engineers, who ensure the smooth and uninterrupted operation of the hosted equipment. In addition, the data center has been certified with Tier III, ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS standards. It also uses multiple digital and physical security layers to ensure your that your data and infrastructure are always protected.

Can I use my own IP Space?

You may use your own IP Space under specific agreement and by declaring your /24 subnet. Contact our support team for more information.

What is the activation process?

1) Before submitting your order, ensure:

  • What your server’s current power consumption is.
  • That your server has its own rails, that will allow it to be installed on Top.Host’s rack.
  • That your server is front-to-back rack mounted.
2) You may then proceed with your order of selected Colocation pack.

3) As soon as your payment is confirmed, our Sales Department will contact you to inform you of the address you will send your equipment to and ask you of the day and time, you would prefer the setup and activation to take place.

4) After you have sent the equipment, you will have to inform us of the tracking number and the postal company you used.

5) After your equipment has been picked up, the data center’s engineers will proceed with its installation and all required connections.

6) Your equipment is activated and we inform you of its IP. In case you have Ο εξοπλισμός ενεργοποιείται και σε ενημερώνουμε για την IP του. In case you have agreed with our Support team that you would like to use VPN, we provide you with the necessary information.

Can I visit the data center myself?

At Top.Host we want to keep the process really easy for you. So, all you have to do is send your equipment to the data center and our team will have it installed and connected in collaboration with the data center’s technicians.

Due to strict security measures, though, physical access to the data center’s premises is not recommended, unless this proves to be absolutely necessary. In such a case, extra charges will be applied and it is necessary that you contact Top.Host beforehand, so all appropriate arrangements with the data center are made.

What additional services & charges apply?

You may apply for:

  • up to 4 additional Dedicated IPs at an additional charge of €1.5/month per IP
  • remote hands for your equipment (e.g. manual reboot, cable switching, hardware replacement, etc.) at an additional charge of €35/15 minutes