What is NVMe in my hosting? 

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If you’ve searched for a Web hosting plan, you’ve probably noticed the features of each plan and the term “NVMe disk space”. But what is NVMe in your hosting plan?

NVMe comes from Non-Volatile Memory Express. Simply put, it’s a communication protocol that enables very high data transfer speeds on the SSDs where your site’s data is stored. Consequently, sites and applications using NVMe hosting can perform better with higher response and load times, optimizing the user experience and adding value to your brand.

How Do NVMe Hosting Solutions Work?

If you’re interested in more technical details, let’s look at the key features of an NVMe disk hosting solution. It includes an NVMe SSD, a high-performance CPU, RAM, and a Network Interface Card. The core component, the NVMe SSD drive, makes all the difference as it delivers data at much higher speeds.

Furthermore, the NVMe protocol uses a PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) Express that allows you to run thousands of parallel command queues. Thus, the improved command queues can efficiently access, parse, and manipulate data as required. 

Benefits of NVMe 

NVMe benefits

But why choose a Web hosting plan with NVMe disk? Let’s look at some of the main advantages:

Better than anything in the market 

It is the fastest technology available to speed up your memory access operations. The NVMe architecture is quite advanced compared to available traditional flash architectures, providing a marked improvement in your performance and a clear advantage over any other type of hosting in terms of response speeds.   

It takes advantage of not just the solid-state drives but also the capabilities of a multi-core CPU and increases memory capacities.  

Future proof 

Opting to use NVMe means that you can continue to use it even when storage technologies improve and advance to any innovation. It is extendable and can help you adapt quickly to any new memory technologies.  

Highly reliable 

NVMe hosting can handle a high load and perform well under stress. The NVMe drives generate less heat compared to the other types of storage drives. Thus, they are more energy efficient and have much less downtime compared to other types of hosting solutions.  

 NVMe hosting is capable of handling high volumes of web traffic and data access requests. It also helps increase the reliability factor for your applications and enhances the effectiveness of your data security measures.  

Easy to scale  

NVMe hosting provides cost-effective scalability options as it reduces your maintenance costs. It does not require frequent upgrades and can easily adapt to future technologies as well.   

Improved security  

NVMe SSDs can support advanced encryption to help protect your data and make it efficient to use encryption without having to suffer from any performance loss.  

When Should You Switch to NVMe? 

If you have a high-traffic site or eShop, if other types of hosting don’t meet your needs, and if you need high response times for your applications, it’s time to choose NVMe.

A difference of a few seconds can mean a lot to your business. If you want to know why speed is important for your website, check out our article “5 reasons why you need a fast website“.

Let’s look at some scenarios that can make NVMe a great boon: 

  • Businesses and organizations that need real-time interactions, such as eCommerce site operations, sales operations, customer service operations, finance solutions, and more, can benefit from the improved user experience and low latency that NVMe brings 
  • AI tools, ML applications, and similar advanced data analytics applications can largely improve their performance by using NVMe.  
  • DevOps can be optimized more with NVMe as it helps you run more iterations in a shorter period of time.  
  • You want to switch from a shared hosting solution or a managed VPS hosting to a high-performing solution. Instead of opting for a costlier dedicated server hosting, you can go for NVMe hosting, as it provides comparable performance at a cheaper rate.  

All in all, using NVMe hosting for websites and applications can improve the overall functionality of your website manifold, making way for higher response times and load times. 

At Top.Host you will find optimized Semi-dedicated and dedicated hosting solutions to enjoy all the advantages of NVMe!

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