We have been awarded the Organization of the Year in Customer Service!

21 December 2018, by

TopHost’s core, reflecting the general concept of Enartia Group, is customer service. We aim at providing customer service that is friendly, prompt, effective and… wow! Most times we manage to receive positive feedback and great comments. Maybe there are some weaknesses, but through our communication, we identify our mistakes and constantly improve ourselves. In all cases, the biggest prize we receive for our daily efforts in this aspect is the genuine contact we experience with you!

We are complete by our experiences. However, you realize that it is important to seek an institutional recognition of the way we operate. To that end, we decided to submit our participation for another year to the National Customer Service Awards 2018, held by the Hellenic Customer Service Institute (HCSI) for the 9th year in a row.

The submission has not been easy, since we had to describe extensivly the way we operate. After a while, the first pleasant news arrived: we made it to the top three in the Categories “Innovation in Customer Experience (Small Organization)” and “Organization of the Year, Customer Service (Small Organization)”!

The ceremony

Crowds at the award ceremony

We suited up, booked our tickets and on December 13 we went to the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron), to attend the ceremony of these awards that has turned into a proper institution in the business industry, certified as per ISO 9001. Would we win, though?

A little after 9, we were welcomed by the hosts of the event, Grigoris Arnaoutoglou and Nikos Ipofantis. They also presented us the theme for this year’s awards, which was Comics! All the graphics had been inspired by the 9th Art, while we were also asked to answer a humorous questionnaire (with questions like: Which Superhero would you choose to be).

cs_awards_eiepComic theme added a pleasant note to the evening

Before the announcement of the big winners for the evening, Mr. Frank Thibaut, President of HCSI, called Agapi Papadaki on stage. The Head of the Program for Early Intervention at AMIMONI, Association for Visually impaired people with additional handicaps was invited to receive an honorary “HCSI Award” for planning out and bringing to life the first Playground in Greece, especially for children with impaired vision and additional handicaps.

The awards

After a huge applause, it was time for the awards to begin. There was live streaming through the official website of HCSI, as well as the Institute’s Facebook page.

The second award of the ceremony was related to Innovation in Customer Experience (Small Organization). This is when Irene Papadaki, head of our Group’s Service Department, followed the two other finalists. After a brief pause, it was announced Braincandy Group was the winner. This was no defeat and we knew it -we had made it to the top 3 and that alone was a matter of great honor.

The evening flew by in a pleasant manner, with the hosts doing their best and the candidates relishing on their success. On the second half of the ceremony, there came the moment to hand over the “Enartia, Team of the Year: Customer Service (Large Organization)” award. We are so proud having sponsored such an award, as our culture brings team spirit in a predominant position! Alpha Bank was the winner!

CEO & Co-Founder of Enartia, D. Anthoulakis, handed over the Enartia award to Alpha Bank

The announcement of the Category “Organization of the Year, Customer Service (Small Organization)” came next! The process was familiar. Irene Papadaki left her seat along with the two finalists, joking with Grigoris Arnaoutoglou till it was time for the winner. “Εnartia” we heard and after a humongous group hug, the Head of our Group’s Customer Service Department came up to the stage to receive the award. “We are a small organization dreaming big”, she said and went on to call her associates on stage. After all, this was a result of teamwork for sure!

Together on stage, for the award!

Having received our award, we took lots and lots of pictures. We enjoyed this special distinction to the fullest and then began visualizing “tomorrow”, which we would love to see turning even better! We shall go on investing in our culture, focusing greatly on our ethics and values, which make us stand out and are conveyed to you through the contact we experience together: service.

We have renewed our appointment with CS awards for next year. Our own appointment is daily and it only makes us happy. Thank you!

*The last picture came from our stock. As for the rest, we “borrowed” from HSCI.

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