Information Security: what is & why it is important for every business

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Information Security τι είναι

Each company has to ensure its overall smooth operation, an essential part of which is the security procedures, Information Security.

Likely you have never heard of the term before. We will explain more right away so you can effectively protect your business.

Let’s go!

Information Security: What it is

Information Security (or InfoSec) is defined as the set of procedures aiming to protect the information and the computer systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.

Protection refers to print, electronic, or any other form of sensitive information to prevent any risk that may harm the company or its reputation.

InfoSec VS Cybersecurity – the differences

Information Security and Cybersecurity are two similar terms that are often used instead. But as similar as they are, they do not mean the same thing.

The concept of Information Security is much broader. It refers to the general security of computer systems and the protection of digital, physical, or spiritual information. In other words, it can include measures even for server malfunction events or natural disasters. 

On the other hand, Cybersecurity is a part of InfoSec. So, it focuses on digital data and online information protection from cyber-attacks (e.g. malware).

Information Security principles

Information Security or InfoSec is defined by 3 basic principles (the well-known triad CIA) on which the relevant security policies are based: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

Let’s see now in detail what these principles mean. 


Confidentiality means that access to information is permitted only to those who should or it is important to have it.

To ensure confidentiality, there must be able to identify who is trying to gain access to data. So, it should be possible to deny access in case there is no authority.

The aim is for information to remain private and to be used only by its owners or those who need it to execute necessary processes.


The Integrity of information is about its accuracy, completeness, and reliability. 

What does it mean? It means that the unauthorized modification or processing of information is prevented so that it is always correct and reliable.

For example, in case an employee stops working for a company. Then, the relevant information should be well updated to reflect this specific situation ( that he or she is no longer part of the company).


The last pillar of Information Security is the availability of information. 

We saw how important it is that data cannot be accessed without authority. It is equally important to be able to have access the authorized people whenever it is needed. 

Therefore, the information should be available to those who should have access when they need it, even when there are malfunctions or system failures.

Types of information systems security

types of information systems security

Information systems security is not undivided. It is distinguished by different types, depending on the type of information, the tools used, and the spaces where the data is stored.

Although there are many, we will see below the most important types of InfoSec:

Applications Security

The first type refers to the security of applications and the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This type of security aims to protect applications, and computer programs by detecting, preventing and fixing any possible errors or vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security

The company’s infrastructure security is also crucial. It includes measures to protect networks, servers, devices (e.g. computers), and data centers. These measures may refer to the protection against cyber attacks, as well as to natural disasters or other malfunctions.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security has a lot in common with application security. The difference here is that security refers to data in applications and platforms that belong to a cloud environment becoming more and more important for the operations of modern businesses.


Another crucial type of security is cryptography. The method used here is encryption. It hides the information of messages which can only be accessed by those who have the right key. Otherwise, the data is not readable, which significantly increases its protection.

Why Information Security is important for every business

In the modern era, data, and information are the most valuable assets of every business. If there is a breach or damage, the chances of domino-type consequences are quite increased.

The disclosure of your company secrets or a breach of your clients’ data (that can be effectively prevented with an SSL certificate) can have severe consequences.

Damage to your corporate reputation or financial problems that may even lead to bankruptcy (especially for smaller businesses) are some of the possible consequences in case your InfoSec has vulnerabilities.

Threats to Information Systems Security

Today’s world is pretty dangerous, especially for businesses that often have to deal with various security threats. 

Let’s see the most common threats that your company may face.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering threats are well-known security threats. Attackers try to deceive and convince victims to reveal sensitive information (e.g. passwords), to obtain it for their use. A familiar example of such attacks is phishing.


Ransomware attacks are also a common threat. Attackers encrypt sensitive information and demand financial rewards to return it decrypted. Financial damage, but also harm to your company’s reputation, are the unfortunate results of not being protected against such threats. 


Attacks with malware aim to infect devices of your company, cause damage to software and data, and finally harm its overall operation.

Attacks on vulnerabilities

Any carelessness and sensitive points may prove very dangerous for any business. Most cyber-attacks, though, target exactly such vulnerabilities. Outdated equipment, unprotected networks, untrained staff, and a weak corporate security policy pave the way for hackers.


Every business has to think of numerous things to ensure proper operation and overall health.

One of the most important is the field of Information Security. The processes improve the protection and security of company information, which is one of the most significant corporate assets. 

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