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29 June 2022, by

yearly event

It’s been a long time since we last met each other, and we were looking forward to our yearly event. It was a great opportunity for a team bonding trip to Crete to know us better, communicate in person, and have a good time together.

If you have also missed the live meetings with colleagues, we will reveal the event agenda we prepared, and you can get some ideas to organize your next team meeting!

The first One United event

The program included presentations, games, gifts, walks in town, and by the sea. The yearly event took part at a central hotel in Heraklion, Crete, on Saturday, June 18th, with the motto: “One United”.  It was the first company meeting arranged after Top.Host became part of the group, and all our European colleagues were there. The HR department and the designers did their best to have a good time together. We also had self-tests before the event to ensure that all the participants were safe.

yearly event

Our event agenda

Welcome goody bags

The first One United event started with coffee and breakfast. Some colleagues introduced themselves to each other for the first time because of the previous covid situation. Then, in the meeting hall, a goody bag was waiting for us in our seats full of presents. There was a souvenir mug with the group values and a branded notebook, pen, t-shirt, and anti-stress ball.


After that, we had some very interesting presentations regarding each team’s progress, accomplishments, and future goals. Some were funny, including surprises and revealing special moments of everyday working life.

Time to play games and relax

During the lunch break, we had enough time to relax and to know us better. The event program also included some team bonding activities with puzzles and riddles. So, we all separated into teams of 6-8 colleagues, and the team with the best performance would be the winner!

We rewarded colleagues and shared gifts

Last but not least in the program was the appreciation time to reward colleagues, and that was a very special moment with big smiles and a tone of satisfaction and optimism. The event finished with raffles sharing great gifts such as coffee makers, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, wireless earbuds, and power banks.

Cocktail party and walks by the sea

For the end of the yearly event, the HR department had prepared a big cocktail party with dj, photos, selfies, and much more. We danced, sang, and had fun, and we were full of energy. The smiles are still on our faces. The next day, before the return trip (for those who came to Crete from other places), we arranged to go to the beach.

It was an event we will remember for a long time, and we look forward to the next one. Until then, we continue to do our best for our team so that we can serve our clients with a big smile and stay passionate about providing high-quality digital solutions.

If you want to join our team in Top.Host, you can check our vacancies here and send us your CV!

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