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28 February 2022, by

user experience

The easier it is for a visitor to browse your site or app, the more likely it is to buy – and keep buying – your online products or services. The more well-designed, functional, and easy to use your product is, the more likely it is for someone to buy it and recommend it to an acquaintance.

So, how will you improve your site visitors’ and customers’ User Experience? Of course, with the right UX Design. Keep reading, and everything will be simple!

What is User Experience or UX Design?

User Experience Design (UXD) is the whole design process when creating products – physical or digital, that provide meaningful and pleasant experiences to their users.

UX Design comprises the entire process of creating the product, including branding, design, usability, functionality, and testing with users.

Simply put, the UX focuses on the “Why”, “What” and “How” behind a product.

Why should a user buy and use a product? Does it cover a need or solve a problem? According to this, the user’s view of the product will be largely determined.

What can a user do with this product? Which is its functionality?

How will this product’s functionality be approachable and aesthetically pleasing?

All the above apply both to a physical and a digital product, whether it is about software or app, even a website.

The right UX Design ensures that browsing a website, for example, offers to the visitor a seamless, “fluid” and pleasant experience (from any device -mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop- browsing).

The goal is always the satisfaction of the user-customer. A pleasant experience brings repeatability in traffic and sales while enhancing the spread of the brand through word of mouth.

What is UI Design?

User Interface Design (UID) exclusively refers to websites, software & apps. It includes all the visual elements that the user interacts with and is related to the correct layout and aesthetics. These elements could be:

  • Buttons (shape, color, size, movement, etc.)
  • Text (size, font, placement, etc.)
  • Images
  • Banners & stickers
  • Slides and moving elements
  • Contact form etc.

So, you understand how important UI Design is in a website, software, or app. Besides the UI Design determining their aesthetic, it directly affects their functionality and the final user experience.

As easy, pleasant, and functional this experience is, the more the UI Design will reach its purpose.

How is UX related to UI in the digital world? 

Although the UI works directly with UX, it also depends on it. The UX determines how the UI will work, while UI how UX will appear. For this, UX Designers should closely cooperate with UI Designers. Of course, maybe someone has both roles.

UX Designers edit the flow of an application or website, what each button will do, how UI will efficiently serve the user’s needs, etc., while UI Designers focus on how will all these interface elements be displayed on the screen. The continuous contact and the UI and UX Designers’ collaboration ensure that the final user experience will be as good as possible.

How do you know if UX and UI are as good as possible?

You do not know it, you will discover it. The UI and UX are for sure based on some constants. When, for example, we see a big red button, we will probably push it and wait for a specific result.

So, the basis of UX and UI is on the expected human behavior. It is not virgin soil. There are already numerous websites, software & apps. Nothing is coming from the absolute zero, but it just gets better. If a UX or a UI Designer acts differently, ignoring an expected human behavior, he needs a good reason, as he will probably confuse the users. So, users need intimacy with their screen elements to interact with them and then have the expected result.

How do you improve them?

Research, experimentation, and testing are vital to confirm the effectiveness of UX and UI. Both industries need to gather as much information as possible to lead them to the ideal result.

Both they will investigate:

  • What do users want?
  • What do users expect from the website, app, or software?

This research is repeated almost at every stage of the project, with real users interacting with scalable versions of specific functions or visual designs. These real users may even be us. You have seen or tried the beta version of a platform or app. It may include even A/B testing of different possible versions to determine which users prefer functionally and aesthetically.

Why is User Experience so important?

User experience helps your customers better understand and use your website, eshop, or app. It has a great impact on your business, as User Experience’s base is on your customer’s psychology, on what he exactly wants and expects to receive, by finding what he is looking for without any obstacles.

Never forget that: The more enjoyable and complete this experience is, the more likely a visitor is to buy, repeat the purchase, and spread your brand.

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