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20 September 2023, by

κορυφαία AI εργαλεία για tech experts

It hasn’t been too long since the release of ChatGPT brought global attention to AI and its potential applications. And now, the internet is already flooded by hundreds of AI tools for a wide range of tasks. This is great news for tech enthusiasts, as all these AI applications can assist with writing code, creating unique designs, and even performing complex data analysis. 

But with so many options, finding the perfect AI tool that fits your needs can be tough. So save your time browsing through countless apps and jump straight into the best of the bunch as we bring you a list of the best AI tools for digital natives and technophiles. 

Top AI Tools for Developers 

GitHub Copilot 

Developed through a collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI, GitHub Copilot is one of the best AI assistants for programmers and software developers. It can understand natural human language to generate code snippets and complete functions based on user prompts. And this tool also auto-completes lines of code for users as they write.  

Amazon CodeWhisperer 

Similar to Copilot, Amazon CodeWhisperer is also an AI-powered code completion tool. It can suggest snippets of code as well as entire functions so that you can code faster and more efficiently. It also flags your code if it resembles open-source training data so that you can be aware and add attributions where necessary. All in all, it can significantly boost your coding accuracy and efficiency by automating repetitive scripts and tasks. 


CodeWP is an AI coding assistant built specifically for WordPress. It has special modes for PHP, JavaScript, WooCommerce, and many popular plugins. You can prompt this tool to retrieve posts and pages using WP_Queries, generate functions, help you with WooCommerce filters and actions, detect errors in code, and much more. So if you’re a WordPress developer, CodeWP is the perfect AI tool for you. 

Android Studio Bot 

Android Studio Bot isn’t an individual AI tool or app; it’s an AI assistant built into Android Studio to help developers build Android applications. Not only can Studio Bot write code for you, but you can also converse with the bot in plain English, asking about any doubts or seeking assistance with development questions. While this is excellent for Android developers, you should also know that this bot is still in an early experimental stage, and for now, is available in the US only. 

Top AI Tools for Designers 

best AI tools for designers


Canva is already an incredibly popular design tool and is now starting to add many AI-powered features and tools. The Magic Edit tool lets you replace certain parts of an image with a different picture using text prompts. Similarly, you can create design templates by providing text prompts using the Magic Design tool. So while Canva isn’t a full-fledged AI application, it does offer specific AI tools that will make life easier for many designers. 


Midjourney is another popular design tool that can produce AI-generated images from text-based prompts. It runs through its Discord server and has become a huge hit among designers because of its ability to create stunning images. Of course, the more creative you are with your prompts, the better the results will be. This is a must-try AI tool for designing all kinds of images, where the only limit is your imagination. 

Adobe Firefly 

Adobe Firefly is an excellent AI-powered tool that generates images from text prompts. Apart from text-to-image generation, it offers additional features such as removing or replacing objects and elements within an image, generating color variations, stylizing texts in an image, and much more. So it’s not only useful for creating images but also for editing and enhancing them with the power of AI. 


Looka is an impressive AI tool for creating logo designs. It’s super easy to use – when you get started, the tool will ask you to provide your company name and industry, ask you to choose from a bunch of pre-made logos (to understand your style preference), and color choices, and some other minor inputs. Then it will automatically generate many professional and artistic logos for your brand or company. Pick the one you like most, and you can also modify it from Looka’s built-in editor. 

Top AI Tools for Digital Marketers 

Surfer AI 

When creating marketing copies and powerful content, Surfer AI is one of the best tools out there. Pick the keyword for your article or content, and the AI tool will automatically generate plenty of relevant topics and content ideas. And then, it will even generate entire articles and posts on your chosen topic. You can even customize the tone and voice of the content to fit your marketing strategy. 


If your marketing campaigns are mostly focused on video content, Pictory AI will quickly become your best friend. This AI tool has many amazing features that might seem too good to be true! For starters, it automatically creates videos out of text scripts and blog posts. It can also generate captions and transcriptions automatically and create short segments from longer videos (perfect for Instagram and TikTok). There are a few more cool features that we’ll let you see for yourself. 


Lately, it has been an AI tool that markets itself as a “social selling platform,” meaning it’s designed to boost your marketing efforts mainly on social media platforms. It analyzes your existing content and marketing material to learn and understand your brand voice and then generates social media posts based on its analysis. Simply put, it repurposes your older content into new, insightful, short posts for social platforms. Its other notable features include an AI writing tool and an AI video generator. 


Whether you’re a software developer, designer, or digital marketer, these are some of the top AI tools that will take your creativity and productivity to the next level. It’s evident that AI is now an indispensable ally for tech enthusiasts, so unleash your potential to explore, create, and thrive in the digital landscape with these amazing AI tools and applications. 

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