Prerequisites for the registration of .ελ domain names

According to the announcement of EETT, the .ελ domain names will be launched on July 10, 2018 and will be available for registration in two phases.

1st phase: 10 July – 10 October 2018
For the first three months, owners of .gr domain names will have priority in registration of the respective .ελ domain name.
The following rules apply:
a. the .ελ domain registration is automatically done on the same owner’s data, as the respective .gr domain name. The .ελ domains are essentially reserved for registration only by the owners of the corresponding or .gr domains for these 3 months.
b. .ελ domains can only be registered with the same registrar as the respective .gr domain names.
c. .gr and .el domains should ultimately be under the same management account in the .gr domain name’s registrar.
Special cases:
1. Registration of .ελ domain name by the owner of the .gr domain name
If you own a .gr domain name, you can register with priority the respective .ελ domain name, in the first three months.
So, if you have, you can register
2. Third-level .gr domain (,, etc.) and the .gr domain is available for registration
The same .ελ domain can be registered by anyone with a .gr third-level domain.
For example, if you have, someone else has and at the same time is not registered, then any of the owners of the third-level .gr domains can register
3. Third-level .gr domain (,, etc.) and the same .gr is registered to a different owner
Priority is given to the owner of the .gr domain and only they have the right to register the same or .ελ domain during the three months.
For example, if you have and someone else has, then only the owner of can register

4. Available .gr domains
In the event that a .gr domain name is not registered, any user can register the respective .ελ domain name.
Phase 2: October 11, 2018 and onwards
Restrictions do not apply after October 11, 2018. Anyone can search and register any available .ελ domain name.

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