How can I link a hosting package to a domain name?

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In order to connect the hosting package you purchased from Top.Host to your domain, two actions will have to be taken. The first is to state the domain hosting package and the second is to declare the domain nameservers. Let’s take a closer look at these actions:

1. Log in to the myTophost Panel.
2. In the «My Services» category you will see the packet being automatically linked to a temporary address. To proceed with the setup, select the «Admin«
3. Locate the box named Domain Name and select «Edit Domain«.
4. Enter the domain you want to use for your hosting and click «Sign In«. By performing this action, the domain is automatically added to the Plesk Control Panel.
5. In order to complete the connection and the domain load the site from the hosting package, the package nameservers should be listed in the corresponding fields of your registrar. You have two options:

No 1. If your domain has been registered by Top.Host, click on the «Update» button to automatically process the process for you.
No 2. If your domain has been registered by another provider, use the nameservers that we show you and enter them in your registrar panel.
After entering the nameservers, allow up to 48 hours to complete the ISPs for that connection.

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