Information about the payment system DIAS
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What is DIAS e-Payment Code?
The DIAS e-Payment Code is a unique code for each billing data you insert in your myTophost Panel account and you can use it to pay for your order without having to enter any of Top.Host's bank account numbers.

A user is likely to have more than one DIAS e-Payment Code, depending on the number of billing data they have saved in their panel. So, before proceeding with a payment with a DIAS e-Payment Code, make sure you always make your payment with the code that corresponds to the billing data you provided when placing your order. To fulfil the payment, you only need to have an active bank account at the bank where you will make your payment.

Collaborating banks & payment methods
You have the option to make your payment via e-banking, phone banking or at a cashier, using the DIAS e-Payment Code.

If you pay via e-banking or phone banking, use the DIAS e-Payment Code (you can find it in the confirmation email of your order) and select Top.Host in the Payments category. No bank account of Top.Host or information for the beneficiary is required.

If you pay to the bank's cashier, notify the bank employee to choose Top.Host.

Confirmation of payment by the Accounting Department
If you make the payment through Eurobank, Piraeus Bank, National Bank of Greece or Alpha Bank, the order will be settled within one hour. In the case of payment via another bank, the payment is detected by the accounting department and cross-checked the next business day. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with all the necessary information about the activation of your service.

Each order remains in our system for 7 days. If your payment is not detected during this time, the order is automatically deleted.

If you pay for the order after it has been deleted, the amount will be added to your myTophost Panel account in the form of credits. Using these credits you can place the order again.

Σχετικά Άρθρα
Πώς ακυρώνω την υπηρεσία Αυτόματης Ανανέωσης μέσω πιστωτικής κάρτας;
Μπορώ να επιλέξω σε ποια στοιχεία θα εκδοθεί το παραστατικό κατά την ανανέωση μίας υπηρεσίας;
Μπορώ να δώσω μόνος μου παράταση στο πακέτο φιλοξενίας μου;
Θέλω να μεταφέρω τις υπηρεσίες μου σε κάποιον άλλο εγγεγραμμένο χρήστη της Top.Host. Τι πρέπει να κάνω;
Μπορώ να προσθέσω δεύτερο email επικοινωνίας στον λογαριασμό μου στην Top.Host;
Με ποιο τρόπο λαμβάνω τιμολόγιο / απόδειξη για την πληρωμή μου;
Μπορώ να λαμβάνω sms για τη λήξη των υπηρεσιών μου;
Κατέθεσα μικρότερο ποσό για την ανανέωση τις συνδρομής μου και πλησιάζει η ημερομηνία λήξης. Τι πρέπει να κάνω;
Πώς αλλάζω τα στοιχεία της πιστωτικής κάρτας, που έχω προσθέσει στο myTophost Panel για αυτόματη ανανέωση;
Ενώ έχω πληρώσει μέσω τραπέζης και έχω κάνει επιβεβαίωση πληρωμής, στο myTophost εμφανίζεται ακόμα "Αναμονή για επιβεβαίωση από το λογιστήριο". Γιατί;